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New Relics -- Thameside Gallery, London UK -- June 1 to June 24, 2018

Untitled (Dog Bowl) , acrylic paint on wood, polymer clay, 2018

Untitled (Dog Bowl), acrylic paint on wood, polymer clay, 2018

New Relics
Thameside Gallery, London
Curated by Tim Ellis and Kate Terry

Preview Friday 1st June, 6.30 - 8.30pm
Show runs from 2nd– 24th June

The term relic is used to describe something that has survived the passage of time, especially an object or custom whose original culture has disappeared, but also an object cherished for historical value such as a keepsake or heirloom……

New Relics presents a diverse range of contemporary positions in sculpture from a cross-generational group of international artists. The exhibition demonstrates the multiple directions and potentials of sculpture and how it is continually shifting and being reinterpreted. The themes and concepts illustrated, show the depth of the medium and the alluring power of materials to conjure new meanings and interpretations. New Relics is an opportunity to engage with these potentials that have come to encapsulate, and exist within, the definition of Sculpture.

Featured Artists:

Salvatore Arancio, Vasilis Asmakopoulos, Andy Bannister, Olivia Bax, Dominic Beattie, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Gabriel Birch, Hannah Birkett, Simona Brinkmann, Daryl Brown, Hannah Brown, Bettina Buck, Clare Burnett, Stewart Cliff, Matt Calderwood, Lotti V Closs, Benjamin Cohen, Gary Colclough, Katie Cuddon, Blue Curry, Rosalind Davis, Alexander Devereux, Dexter Dymoke, Tim Ellis, Brian Griffiths, Lilah Fowler, Holly Hendry, Justin Hibbs, Fred Hunt, Andrea Jespersen, Paul Johnson, Evy Jokhova, Ana Kazaroff, Vera Kox, Lucy LeFeuvre, Alan Magee, Eva Masterman, Ian Monroe, Rupert Norfolk, Roula Partheniou, Harrison Pearce, Hamish Pearch, Mark Pearson, Chris Poulton, Frances Richardson, Michael Samuels, Alex Scarfe, Zoe Schoenherr, Amy Stephens, Karen Tang, Kate Terry, Jonathan Trayte, Finbar Ward, Elaine Wilson, Sarah Kate Wilson, Andrea V Wright, Ben Woodeson.

Thameside Gallery, Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, SE18 5NR