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Don't Worry, its just another White Exhibition -- opens on November 16, 2017 at Bunker 2

Bunker2 installation view.jpeg

Curated by Matthew Kyba

Opening November 16, 2016 - 7 to 10pm

J.D. Banke
Patrick Cruz
Jimmy Limit
Sophia Oppel
Roula Partheniou

One year ago, Bunker 2 opened with a group show on the theme of intimacy. That exhibition, titled “casual encounters,” brought together disparate artworks and practices in order to generate initial interest in the gallery. This tactic is not uncommon, as the group show dynamic has many beneficial but often problematic tendencies. After one year of operation, Bunker 2 reflects on their first exhibition, inviting artists to critique the group exhibition format.

“Don’t Worry, it’s just another White Exhibition” brings together artists J.D Banke, Sophia Oppel, Roula Partheniou, Jimmy Limit, and Patrick Cruz to reflect upon how group exhibitions function: their motives, payoffs, and risks. “Don’t Worry” has also invited critics to discuss the issue of Canadian art criticism (or lack-thereof) in relation to the exhibition. 

Bunker 2 Art Container

346 Campbell Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6P 3V9

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