INDEX: Roula Partheniou -- COMING SOON

INDEX: Roula Partheniou -- COMING SOON


Published by The Dunlop Art Gallery in partnership with Oakville Galleries, The Art Gallery of Peterborough, The University of Waterloo Art Gallery and Contemporary Calgary.

From the publisher:

“INDEX is the first publication to present the work of Canadian artist Roula Partheniou, exploring her practice of taking the familiar and altering it to become something extraordinary. Shown in her public installation and sculptural works, ubiquitous objects are subtly transformed and manipulated using perceptual mimicry. This involves recreating everyday, common forms and objects with painted fibreboard and polymer clay, questioning how much visual information we need to recognise objects, and allowing the viewer to reconsider and challenge such assumptions. Influenced by Minimalism and the notion of "paring-down", Partheniou plays with ideas of illusion, perspective and the Gestalt principle of the double take.

This book is a beautifully produced artist book, bringing together significant body of works including House & Home & Garden, 2015; Odd One Out, 2015; and Parts and Wholes, 2013, among others. Richly illustrated throughout, the book begins with a photo essay and includes critical texts by Jennifer Matotek, Jon Davies, Ivan Jurakic, Fynn Leitch, Peggy Gale and an interview with the artist by Nate McLeod, providing insight into Partheniou's practice and elucidating her critical contribution to contemporary art discourse.”

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INDEX: Roula Partheniou — COMING SOON