Circular Logic, 2009

Circular Logic

Circular           Logic
          (Acrylic on canvas, repurposed library display), 2009
          60" x 60" x 60"        

"Pairing idiosyncratic themes and author’s           side-by-side, for Circular Logic the artist elected to display her book           paintings within a system of modular glass cubes chosen in response           to the new releases display at the central branch of the Cambridge Libraries.           Alternately suggesting a futurist kiosk or Rubik’s cube, her display           contains a micro-library of twenty-seven titles, connected less by content           than by their covers and the ubiquitous use of arrows in each design.           The arrows delineate a circuitous path through the structure of the           cube, sometimes pointing towards or away from their literary counterparts.           A random selection of titles includes: The Use of Lateral Thinking,           Gestalt Therapy, Escape from Freedom, and Last Exit to Brooklyn. The           logic between these selections is anything but linear; in fact, Partheniou’s           choices tend to privilege lateral thinking and subconscious associations           over logic and reason. Taken individually, each of the selections confers           a level of authority within a specific field of knowledge or expertise.           Collectively however, the pairings suggest the possibility for dialogue,           debate, disagreement, and ideally collaboration."


- Ivan Jurakic, from Circular           Logic, brochure essay, Cambridge Galleries, 2008